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Competition Mag Pouch



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Product Description

The Competition Mag Pouch is perfect for action shooting matches, range use, or everyday carry. The perfect companion to our Competition Holster or use on it’s own. If you measure time by the hundereths of a second this is the holster you want on your side.

Dual retention screws lets you fine tune the draw effort. You can make this as secure as you want.

The low cut front is a popular feature allowing your finger to index on the front of the magazine.

The Tek-Loc belt adapter fits belts 1.25 to 2.25 inches. A standard 1.75” belt allows three carry height adjustments that can be locked in.

The Speed Chute flared opening is added for easier inserting. This allows the shooter to return the magazine easily. A great feature especially appreciated by IDPA shooters.

Order the single color or two-tone model. The single color uses only the Base Color Option. If you order Black or Gunmetal Grey you will be a heavier .93 Kydex. When ordering the dual color model select the inside Base Color then the outside shell wrap color. You will also need to choose an edge reveal.

FATBACK upgrade started with a conversation that began with, “Hey Matt, I’m kinda fat…” about our standard double mag pouch. He wanted a sweat guard that came up partially on the back side that made inserting magazines less painful if his Dunlap hung over the pouch opening. In playing with this idea we found that in combination with our speed chute flaring that inserting magazines became quick and effortless. That saves you time on the practice range. Also, we have seen several higher level matches start the stage off with magazines on the table and require you to stow them. This feature is great for that.

If you would like some other color scheme or a custom designed outer face then just Contact Us.

Additional Information

Pistol Magazine

1911, 2011 STI, Beretta 92, CZ75, FN 45, Glock 17, Glock 20, Glock 42, Glock 43, HK USP 45, HK VP9, Ruger MKII, SA XD 45, SA XD 9/40, SA XDs 45, SA XDs 9/40, SIg P226, Sig P229, Sig P229 E-1, Sig P320, SW M&P 45, SW M&P 9/40, SW M&P Shield 9/40, Universal 9/40


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