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From Miami Vice to Dirty Harry or a Yippee Ki-Yay NYC police detective, the shoulder holster has played an iconic role in movies and television. The Ares Tactical Shoulder Holster is an updated lightweight version using Kydex. This is a significant weight saving over older traditional leather versions and fit better than nylon models.

We offer both horizontal and vertical carry holsters. Both models features an optional removable belt tie down. Each holster has a tension adjustment so you can adjust the retention to meet your desire.

You can add a double magazine carrier on the other side. This really helps balance the rig and is a great way to have extra magazines at the ready.

The shoulder harness is x-rig design that distributes weight well and helps to keep you holster and ammo where you place them.

On the off side you can add a double magazine pouch or a combination magazine and flashlight pouch. Besides having those extra items you should be carrying easily at hand is provides great balance if you are not tying your holster into your belt.

All shoulder holsters require greater care and training as compared to strong side belt holsters such as our Standard Holster. The disadvantages are it is very easy to sweep (muzzle) yourself and others on the draw. Also, it can be troublesome for people back problems. There are also some significant advantages wearing a shoulder holster.

Among the advantages of a shoulder holster is access while seated. This is particularly true when you are strapped into your car seat. You can also stage your hand on the weapon under your jacket and still be concealed and inconspicuous. The shoulder rig is a great way to have your pistol and magazines at the ready for those bumps in the night. Many people find the shoulder holster in more convenient to draw with either hand.

Tie down straps simple screw onto your kydex holster or mag holder and snap around your belt. We recommend at least one when choosing the vertical shoulder holster configuration. Don’t forget to pick up some threadlocker to secure all your screws after making the adjustments.

We now offer A La Carte Shoulder Holster parts. These can be used with our harness or many other brands.
Pistol Carriers:

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Shoulder Harnesses

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Don’t forget to check out our Ready Ship page with dozens of holsters and mag pouches already made.

Should you want a custom color please Contact Us.

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Double Magazine, Mag Light Combo .75in light, Mag Light Combo .875in light, Mag Light Combo 1in light, Mag Light Combo ProTac 2L, Mag Light Combo ProTac HL, Mag Light Combo ProTec 2L-X, Single Magazine


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