Chopped. The Open Bottom Holster

Chopped. The Open Bottom Holster


Chopped holsters are square cut near the muzzle. This is typically seen on compact sized holsters (around 4” barrel such as a Glock G19 or Springfield Armory XDs 3.3). This allows you to use the same holster for multiple slide length firearms within that model range. For example, a G19 chopped holster would fit the G26 subcompact with just a little extra holster past the muzzle. The G19 would stick out just a little from the holster. The G17 full size and G34 long slide would stick out a little further. This can be a convenient money and space saver.

The drawback to chopped style holsters is your muzzle and/or front sight are exposed. This can lead potentially to having your front sight snag on loose clothing or gear during your draw. Also, since your fired weapon will be dirty from the burnt powder around the muzzle you would have that rubbed off on your clothing. In extreme circumstances your front sight may be bumped out of position or damaged. This can be of special concern to people running fiber optic front sights which tend to be the most fragile.

Chopped G19 Hybrid Holster
Chopped G19 Hybrid Holster


Some people find the that the wrapped muzzle design is a little more comfortable. This is largely affected by your slide design and to a lesser extent maybe your front sight. Slides with aggressive milling and/or sharp edges with rub more than smother designs if exposed directly to the body. Hybrid leather and Kydex holsters with enough leather will negate this as seen above.

If you have an extended or threaded barrel the chopped design will have plenty of clearance in the opening. Most wrapped holsters will not allow aftermarket threaded barrels to fit without adjustment. For guns with factory installed threaded barrels, like the FNH FN45 Tactical, the wrapped muzzle will already have the clearance built in. Of course, if you want the wrapped design with an aftermarket barrel just let us know and we can build in the opening needed when we make your holster.

Post below your thoughts on chopped vs wrapped holsters. Each month our editor will pick one lucky writer to win a free holster. All you need to do to be entered is leave a intelligent comment (25 +/- words or more) on our blog. Each weekly blog post offers another chance to win.

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  1. I have both an IWB and OWB open bottom holster. I have used both holsters in competition and never had an issue with either one.

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