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Bodyguard IWB V2



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New! The Bodyguard V2 Holster grew out of a need for a comfortable IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster that was highly concealable, reliable, and easy put on or take off. Wrap around muzzle design protects the muzzle, keeps your clothes cleaner, and is far more comfortable than exposed versions. The Bodyguard V2 is not the next generation holster but just a different attachment style that many have asked to have made. The over the belt clip is sturdy and and adjustable for straight carry or FBI forward cant.

The Bodyguard V2 Holster also features dual adjustable tension screws. This will let you fine tune the amount of force needed to draw the holster to fit your needs.

The body of the holster is constructed of .080 Kydex. This offers excellent resistance to environmental conditions as well as body sweat. Also normal atmospheric hot, cold, wet or dry will not harm your holster. Other thicknesses and colors are available as a custom order. Although we feel .080 offers the best properties. The .060 thickness will do the job but feels flimsy to most people and sometimes is a little more difficult to reholster. The extra stiffness over the .060 is something IDPA competitors will appreciate.

This style is also called an appendix carry holster. The minimal width of the wrap around construction lends itself to placing almost anywhere on the belt. The appendix carry refers to placing the holster forward of the hip bone or the 2 o’clock position for a right-handed shooter. It is equally well suited 3, 4, or 5 o’clock carry depending on your preference.

As with any screw hardware; it is recommended that after final set up is made that you use threadlocker on the screws to prevent accidental loosening. We now offer this as a option. The small bottle will do about ten holsters.

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