Can I call you? We are a small custom shop. Many of the operations of making kydex holsters are noisy, messy, or time sensitive. Stopping for every call is just not practical. Living on the edge of reliable cell connection does not help either. You can always text us at 417-839-5664 if you want to check on an order or have a question.

What is Kydex? Kydex is a proprietary name for an acrylic/pvc blend that when heated properly becomes flexible for molding. It is very popular in holster making for several reasons such as durability, weatherproof, easy to clean, and resistant to most chemicals. Also, it is made in the USA.

Why should I Loctite my screws? Using thread locker such as Loctite, Vibratite, or Permatex is highly recommended. Many products use small screws and posts to keep things as low profile as possible. Also, using a thread locker on tension screws will keep your adjustment just how you like it. We recommend medium strength (a.k.a. Blue). Some screws, such as in the shoulder holster harness you may actually want slightly loose to allow more flexible fit. This can only be done with locked screws.

Can I make my holster a little tighter/looser? Many holsters have built in adjustable tension screws. Still, you can sometimes tweak the feel in addition to that. If you want it a little looser/smoother try rubbing the inside of the holster with a silicon cloth (better) or a little gun oil. If you are looking for a little firmer try cleaning with warm soapy water or isopropyl alcohol on the inside.

I don’t see my gun listed. Can you still make me a holster? Usually, yes. We are always adding to the firearms we support but there is often a lag between when we get these in the shop and when it is available on the website. For non-standard guns there is a $20 surcharge. Contact us to see if we can help.

Can you make a holster to my design? We are a custom shop and can often modify one of our designs or build something totally new.

Can you fix a competitor’s holster? Sometimes. There is a lot that goes into making a holster work well. It starts off with a good design, then materials, and finally construction and finish. Our minimum charge is $10, but with shipping back and forth is is often not worth the effort.

Do you ship outside the US? Yes, but our online shop can not process these orders. You will have to contact us for a shipping quote.

Lead Times: All of our products are custom made here in the heartland of the USA. As a veteran-owned small business we strive to make each customer happy with their purchases. That means more than just high quality materials and innovative designs. It also means getting your order shipped quickly. We have seen lead times in this industry range from 4, 8, and even 16 weeks. As a manufacturer that is a good problem to have. As a customer it is just frustrating. We don’t cut corners to ship a quick and cheap product.


About Lead Times and updates:

Don’t forget to check out the Ready Ship page for products in stock with no wait time.

If you have to have it sooner use our Head Of The Line or economical Rush option which is available on most products.

June 16, 2021 and inflation is big news in several media outlets. We all know things like 2x4s and plywood have more than doubled. Lesser know are the prices of some metals and plastics have gone up 30+%. As you may have guessed this has impacted out costs. At the moment we are not increasing prices across the board as we don’t want to chase prices up and (hopefully) down. However there point when we will need to adjust prices. All placed orders will be honored at that price. Lead time continues to be 10 weeks. All crypto orders get free rush processing. Email me for info.  Head of the Line or Rush are option are usually available and LEAPP orders get preferential processing.

May 16, 2021 and the economic dumpster fire of a year is fast approaching half way over. Lead times on orders continues to run 10 weeks unless you have the Head of the Line or Rush are options. Material prices are going up. Sometimes these increases are a little and other times in significant jumps. Thankfully everything has been available to this point and looks to remain so going forward. Thank you for your support this Veteran-owned one man shop over the past 8 years.

Zero dark thirty on April 15th. I managed enough OT to take a week to train with Haley and still not fall behind on previous estimated lead times of 10 weeks. No orders will be processed  this week including ones from the readyship page until I return.

It’s March 26th 2021 and the current lead time is 10-11 weeks on most orders. I have decided to leave the previous lead time update below both for people who order already and for new orders so you can have a feel for how fast orders are able to be completed over time. If you need stuff faster then check out Head of the Line or maybe Rush are options. These are overtime work and as such are limited to what can be done.

It’s January 29th 2021 and the current lead time is still 9-10 weeks on most orders. The expected after Christmas lull has not happened. This is probably due to the political problems in the US. If you need stuff faster then Head of the Line or maybe Rush are options. These are overtime work and as such are limited to what can be done.

Shotshell carriers lead typically under 30 days. Ready Ship page items usually ship next business day. It is best to text us for Ready Ship, Rush, and Head of the Line items so your order doesn’t get mixed into custom builds. Thank you for your patience and your business.