While we have a suite of stock guns and holsters we also do a lot custom holster and knife projects.

Have you been looking for that hard-to-find holster for your firearm? Found the perfect holster if only you could cut and paste three different ones together. Thermoformed holsters offer dozens of available features from thicknesses, colors, cants, shapes, attachment methods, and the list goes on.

Here’s one we just did in May. This is a Kryptek Highlander camo for a Glock G19 with Surefire X300Ultra light. It has a WRS Level 3 retention hood and is designed for belt carry.

Kryptek Highlander Kydex Holster with Surefire X300

Here’s an IWB for the new Glock G43 that incorporates a spare mag carrier. This uses injection molded belt clips instead of our normal J Hooks. Check out our new SideKick holster as an evolutionary enhancement of this design.
G43 IWB Combo Holster
Below is a field holster for a Government Model Ruger MKII. The full wrap design, or taco style, takes up minimal space on your belt or in your backpack. While our holsters come standard with a durable .080 thickness this one uses over-the-top .093 thickness. Attachment is by dual MALICE clips spaced so that it can be mounted to Molle PALS webbing or your belt. The magazine pouch is permanently attached but could have been attached with screws for a modular system. The wrapped muzzle features ample protection for the crown while still allowing drainage if you get wet.
Ruger Mk2 with spare magazine
Next is an example for a Ruger Single Ten 22 revolver. This customer wanted durable all weather holster to take out on the river during trapping season. There is ample drainage at the muzzle as well as around the trigger guard. The top is flared out allowing easy reholstering with cold hands or with gloves making it easy to find. A slight curve is placed at the leading edge that helps this holster hug the body for a closer fit. The custom color is Battle Drab by Holstex with a black Kydex backer. Black MALICE clips allow for belt carry or mounting to the outside of a pack. 1/4 inch riveted eyelets allow additional tie down capability using paracord. The stainless steel single action revolver and synthetic Kydex / Holstex means cleaning and drying your firearm doesn’t need to be a daily chore while out in the field.
If you have a special project you would like to have done please Contact Us.