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Competition Holster for IDPA, USPSA, & 3Gun

The Competition Holster is perfect for IDPA, USPSA, and 3Gun action shooting matches, general range use, or everyday carry. The low cut front allows the pistol to clear the holster faster and get on target sooner. If you measure time by the hundreths of a second this is the holster you want on your side.

Dual retention screws, most models, lets you fine tune the draw effort and feel. You can make this as secure as you want. Adjustment are made with a common Phillips screwdriver meeting the most stringent IDPA requirements.

A fully enclosed trigger guard meets all competitive sports rules and recommendations of most professional trainers.

The low cut front is a popular feature. It allows you to clear the holster faster and get your muzzle pointed downrange sooner. This is also makes it compatible with Trijicon RMR, Burris Fast Fire, and JP Rifles JPoint style slide mounted micro red dot sights that do no extend past the slide width. If yours is different, let us know and we can typically accommodate your needs.

Our design meets the rules criteria for both IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association)  and USPSA (including Production Division) as well as many other shooting competitions. If you are not an IDPA or IPSC shooter you should look into them. Both are very welcoming to new shooters and great way to improve your skills.

Multiple carry heights are possible with the standard Tek-Loc belt adapter. It fits belts up to 2.25 inches. A standard 1.75” belt allows six carry height adjustments that can be locked in. You can add a FBI 15 degree forward cant or a muzzle forward cant in its base position. Other custom belt attachment models are available such as the Safariland QLS & ELS. We can even custom mold a holster to your preferred belt attachment. Vistit the Belt Accessory Page or just contact us.

A flared opening is added for safety and ease. This allows the shooter to holster the pistol easily without the need to point the muzzle at themselves to get it started into the holster. Muzzling yourself in IDPA, USPSA, or in general is forbidden.

Order the single color or two-tone model. The single color uses only the Base Color Option. When ordering the dual color model select the inside Base Color then the outside shell wrap color. You will also need to choose an edge reveal for two tone competition holsters. Single layer holsters should choose flush. Two-tone dual layer competition holster can choose any option. The bevel is tapers the outer layer in most visible areas and adds a nice polished transition to the inner layer. This is our most popular option just beating out the Thin Blue Line (TBL) reveal. The Thin Blue Line reveal was originally made just for our Law Enforcement customers but we had such a demand we added it as a option for everyone, in every color nad kept the name.  This is roughly an 1/8 inch set back on the outer layer letting more of the inner layer be visible. Bevel and TBL are not possible on single layer holsters, though the system will let you pay for it.

We have added the option to choose your sweat shield coverage. Sometimes call a shirt guard, the sweat shield is the part of the holster between the rear of the slide and your body. Low cut is the shortest and typically ends just above the belt attachment point. The full is the tallest, covering most of the slide. Different slide profiles and grips will vary just how much is covered on the full option. If you are a high thumbs forward gripper any sweat shield will work. Low thumbs forward grippers tend to like the low shield coverage.

As a long time IDPA shooter (A054xx) and life member of USPSA (L26xx) we have heard that beep many times. We have also seen shooters held back because their holster was not suitable. I look forward to seeing you at the next competition.


Lead times and more FAQs can be found here.

Don’t forget to check out our Ready Ship page with dozens of holsters and mag pouches already made.


If you would like some other color scheme or a custom designed outer face then just Contact Us.

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