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Why Kydex?
Kydex is lightweight and low maintenance. Many professional firearms instructors require a rigid holster such as Kydex over nylon and leather ones because of safety concerns. It is not floppy like nylon or leather will over age. This make holstering safer and easier, even if doing it one-handed.
What is Kydex?
Kydex is a proprietary name for a thermoplastic that is used in many industries including holster making. Though, many now us Kydex to refer to any type of thero formed plastic.
How durable is Kydex?
Kydex is very durable and resistant to most chemicals and solvents. Like any product, if you are going to low crawl over gravel it will scratch.
Will Kydex scratch my pistol?
Kydex has a naturally smooth finish in the interior of the holster. Like every holster it may show wear marks on your firearm over time. Getting sand and grit in the holster will accelerate this wear as with any material. Luckily, our holsters are very easy to rinse out should they become dirty.
Do you ship outside the USA?
Yes, on a case by case basis.
Ares Tactical was started in 2013 by a former US Marine. Our background in the military, overseas contracting, domestic protective details, CCH, and competitive shooting gives us a wide range of experiences that we build into our holsters.
If you are dealer and would like to carry the best in Kydex holster please Email Us for details.